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Ampersand fiber brush Ampersand fiber brush
Ampersand Line Tool Ampersand Line Tool
Ampersand Wire Scratching Tool Ampersand Wire Scratching Tool
Ampersand Tool Kit Ampersand Tool Kit

This six-piece kit includes all the scraping and abrasive tools needed to create detail and remove ink from Ampersand Claybord and Scratchbord panels.

Faber-Castell Glass Fibre pen 4 mm Faber-Castell Glass Fibre pen 4 mm

A big glass fiber pen, to clean your highlights and small objects. It leaves a light texture.

Don’t clean the dust with your hands, Use a dust off brush to wipe of the dust.

Faber-Castell Glass Fibre pen 2 mm Faber-Castell Glass Fibre pen 2 mm
A Clutch Pencil that holds Glass Fiber fine 2mm refills. Ideal for erasing and scratching technique, more aggressive than a eraser to scrape away the paint....
Aslan Masking Film 3D Aslan Masking Film 3D

Masking film for curved surfaces.

Size:  1x1,25m, 3x1,25 or 5x1,25m

Color: Grey 

Derwent - Replacement erasers Derwent - Replacement erasers

Faber-Castell Sand Block Faber-Castell Sand Block
The FC Sand Paper block is optimal to fine sharpening your pencils and eraser pencils as well. The quality of a sharpener, especially the blade, is crucial for optimum sharpening of wood-clad pencils. Due to their robust and hard...
products: 1 - 10 (32 pcs) Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
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